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About Us

David’s Harp is an outgrowth of the work and development of St. Paul’s Music Conservatory in Council Bluffs, IA. In 2009, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church established a formal music conservatory in order to raise up church musicians and proclaim the Gospel through music. This manner of music education was well received by the congregation and community alike. Overtime, this conservatory not only grew but has become a center of music education within the Council Bluffs community and has developed resources specifically for use in the parish based music conservatory. Having positive reception from across the synod, the leadership of SPMC has entertained interested ministry leaders from all across the country seeking to establish similar forms of outreach in their own context. Seeing that the work of the local conservatory, resource development, and collaboration with leaders from across the country would be too much for one parish to effectively handle, the leadership of SPMC called for help and created a new organization called David’s Harp. The mission of this entity is simple: Produce music resources and produce centers of musical development around the world.

David’s Harp, through its resource development and centers of music education care deeply about the following:

  1. MISSIONS Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.
  2. OUTREACH Reaching into communities and neighborhoods that surround our churches, schools and mission sites all over the world with the message of Christ.
  3. EDUCATION Catechizing all ages in the faith through the rich hymns of the Lutheran Church.
  4. YOUTH Teaching even the youngest among us in every community as we bring them up in the faith.
  5. MUSIC Using the enormous power of music as the vehicle for all of this.

David’s Harp believes that the Lutheran church is well-positioned for intentional outreach through music. Through strategic planning and collaboration in the areas of resource generation and the establishment of centers of music, David’s Harp will support the Synod’s churches, schools and missions in spreading the Gospel.

If would like to learn more about David’s Harp and how you might becoming part of this growing movement of intentionally and strategically reaching out with the Gospel through music, contact us today!