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“A music conservatory? At our church? Could we do that?!”

The answer is almost certainly a resounding yes! In fact, everything you need may already be in place. Do you have a building? Do you have a musical instrument? Would you like to see that instrument being used? With a little enthusiasm and a bit of planning, you will be well on your way to establishing a center of music education that will be a blessing to your community and bring joy to many families.

Teaching the gospel through music is already happening in our churches across the country. In worship, we sing the liturgy and hymns. In Sunday School, we learn the Bible and sing about it. In Vacation Bible School or various camp settings, we do crafts, study the bible…and sing our faith! The Lutheran Church has always been a singing church. When it comes to establishing a music conservatory, we simply take what we are already doing and begin to expand upon it, more specifically and intentionally focusing our singing and other music making. Just think of all the congregations across the world that could be engaging in this sort of ministry, including your own.

Though every congregation exists in a different context, the same fundamentals remain the same. David’s Harp wants to visit with you about how you can put the pieces together in your church to establish or develop a center of music that teaches the congregation and reaches out with the gospel through music.

Read the stories and be inspired by the churches listed on this page that have established parish-based centers of music. We have also provided you with an FAQ document of common questions that have been asked of us by folks interested in learning more. 

Churches With Parish Based Music Centers