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If you are interested in establishing a center of music education in your church, school, or mission, you may be asking, “What tools do I use to teach?” Those tools will likely include the standard lesson books commonly used in any music school. However, if you are to teach the Christian faith and raise up musicians for the church, you need something more. That’s why the leadership of David’s Harp is committed to producing supplemental resources that both teach the faith and help students grow musically. Through these resources, students from the earliest of levels can begin to play the rich musical heritage of the Christian church in its hymns and liturgies. Not only can students learn to play these musical treasures, but they can then perform them in church, school, and the community. Our Hymns of the Season Series currently contains four volumes for piano, one for guitar and one for C and B flat instruments.  We also have created one liturgy volume for piano with many more resources in the planning stages.  Browse our store to learn more about the resources that are available, or contact us for more information!